Manufacturing Facility Cleaning


KPS provides consistent industrial cleaning and janitorial services to large and small facilities with critical needs. Manufacturing facilities are a naturally dirty place. With parts, chemicals, accessories, tools, and finished products constantly flowing into and out of manufacturing facilities, manufacturing facilities become dirty very quickly. In some manufacturing plants, the use of harmful products and chemicals can contaminate the building—creating unsafe working conditions for workers and guests alike.

At KPS, we understand the unique challenges that manufacturers in all industries face and are equipped to provide comprehensive cleaning  services for nearly all types of manufacturers.

KPS provide:

  • A clean, sanitized industrial building, where safety comes first
  • Dedicated and experienced support to handle any cleaning challenge
  • 24-hour operations support and measured inspections

We understand your product needs to be distributed quickly and accurately. At KPS, we maintain your facility so that you can maintain your schedules. Our commercial cleaning program can be customized to fit your facility needs.