KPS has a code of conduct which requires all levels of staff to behave in a professional manner, whilst having regard for our customers and their colleagues alike. Staff are always aware of what is required of them. Whilst we will always try to align our approach to our clients culture, our company policies and procedures are communicated to staff prior to employment and formalized thereafter in order that they are adhered to.

We invest heavily in training and personal development in order to run meaningful training programs for our employees. These include a variety of training plans and development programs that are explained further in our Training section.


We endeavor to provide innovative solutions to our service delivery, based on our experience and knowledge. These are continually adapted to meet each client’s changing needs.

Where appropriate we adapt our working procedures to ensure we apply the best industry practices for each contract. We also consistently explore solutions linked to productivity measurement aligned with cutting edge technology, machinery, processes and change management.


Understanding clients’ aims and aspirations and setting these as mutual objectives for the management of our service delivery is crucial. It is in that manner that we will always try to understand and align our respective cultures to the benefit of the client and service delivery.

We maintain an honest approach to pricing which can be based on a variety of contract types which range from a service based approach to open book accounting. We are happy to research and suggest the best option for our clients where required and appropriate.

Customer Focus

KPS aims to provide a service designed to meet client specifications and support their core business.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction requires regular client interface with our management teams, focused on customers’ needs and expectations. In that our process of ensuring that our relationship map and visit schedules are fully adhered to are extremely advanced and cover all levels of our management team from Site Management to our Managing Director. Our approach to Customer Focus is extremely hands-on and will remain so.

Clients can be confident that they will receive a quality driven service. Our vision is totally customer focused, providing quality, flexibility, cost efficiency and innovation.


Flexibility goes hand in hand with customer focus. It provides the basis for the whole partnership ethos. We will remain completely flexible and mirror the needs of the client’s business as and when it evolves, including suggestions for change, cost restructure and fiscal benefit.

Cost Efficiency

Our services are cost efficient and we review costs on a regular basis to ensure value for money. We detail ideas for ongoing cost saving initiatives within our contract reports and cross fertilize such ideas and benefits across our portfolio.

Our culture is always to approach change and potential cost increase from a position of negate and reduce, prior to any contract consideration approach. This includes legislative and annual reviews. Of course it would incorrect to try and claim that this will result in cost increases being negated at all times but it is surely of mutual benefit to know that our first port of call is to seek reduction, added value and in doing so achieve cost efficiency.

It should be stressed that cost efficiency will not detract from the delivery of a quality service. Any cost saving initiatives which might affect the quality of the service are highlighted for client agreement prior to implementation and are accompanied by a risk analysis of any possible reduction in service which might impact on the core business.